Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Jasper the friendly Morgan was a victim of a divorce who had to be placed at HART immediately, otherwise sent to auction. He was a very fast paced gaited Morgan who was used for endurance riding and mounted shooting. He is a beautiful fun-loving horse with a silly personality.  Jasper was adopted by a local person who now uses him for trail riding. 

Suprise we have Buttons!

Do you remember Betsy and George? Click here to see their original story. http://lighteningsblog.blogspot.com/2011/08/betsy-and-george.html
We had George castrated right away, but apparently that was too late and little baby Button was born on October 10th. Button is an adorable fun and frisky little guy that would love to find a home that would shower him with attention. He will need to be castrated. We have been handling him every day so he is very friendly, but not halter broke. Button’s adoption fee is $200 dollars. Mom is still up for adoption for $200, but if you take them both you can save $100 in adoption fee. 

Button’s castration fee will be $200. If you would like to sponsor Button’s castration, please send you tax deductible contribution to HART rescue c/o Carlton Vet, 230 S. Pine St. Carlton, OR 97111.


Scout is 18 years old, 15 hands tall, and a well-trained gelding that lived on a ranch in eastern Oregon. His owner was a cowboy who worked on the ranch for several years using Scout as his horse. When he moved to the valley to look for more work, he brought Scout with him. Scouts eye had developed an eye infection, and his owner spent thousands of dollars to try and make it better. He was told it wasn’t cancer. It still wasn’t healing so he blamed himself because he couldn’t get to the barn to doctor it as often as he should. It was so painful for Scout, that even when his owner tried to doctor it, Scout wouldn’t let him. He was afraid his only option was euthanasia when he called me and asked me for help. He was such a great horse to just have euthanized. After hearing his story I felt compelled and took this case on. 

We had Dr. Ross Clelland come out to look at his eye. Ross confirmed it was an aggressive form of cancer. If we removed all of the cancerous tissue, Scout would not be able to blink because the cancer involved his entire lower lid and part of his upper. If we didn’t remove his eye, Scout would be dead within 6 months. Taking in consideration that Scout was an amazing and healthy horse, we decided to go with complete Enucleation. 

We decided to have Dr. Jack Root of Oakhurst perfrom the enucleation. Jack was instructed not to wake Scout up if he wasn’t confident he could remove all the cancer. He performed the surgery and he felt confident that he did remove all the cancer. Scout was brought back home to HART to start his recovery. In 2 weeks his stiches were removed and in 6 weeks his eye was completely healed. Scout adapted very well, to having only one eye. We enjoyed many happy hours on the trail. We were told that if any cancerous cells remained, Scouts health would start declining so we decided to keep scout at HART for the 6 months. We didn’t want to adopt him out until after the 6 month period, which has now passed. He is now a happy, healthy horse. 

Scout is now ready to be adopted by a family who will give him all the love and attention he deserves. He is good for any level of rider, man, women or child. His adoption fee of $600 will cover the expense of his surgery.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fund Raising Fun at Oregon Mutual

Thank you so much to the very CREATIVE ladies at Oregon Mutual for their unique fundraiser that they had for HART Rescue.    With horses thoughtfully put together with wine corks and glue, a race track made of paper laid out on a conference table and a group of generous people all decked out in derby attire betting on the races they were able to raise an unbelievable $569.00!!!!!

Here is how they did it.  This documents sets the stage for the event with a brief description and how to tutorial for the contestants and betters.

Here, you can meet the horses individually, notice that they are all named after horses that were rescued by HART Rescue!!!
And lastly a photo of all of the participants in the event.

This was an amazing fund raising event put on by a group of wonderful, generous people and I want you all to know just how much your efforts are appreciated.  I was very surprised and honored that you choose HART Rescue as the recipient of your fund raising spoils.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012


This is a sweet little pinto filly that was rescued (of course) from some unsavory conditions.   Thanks to the warm heart and generosity of a kind woman she was pulled from the site and brought here to HART Rescue in hopes of finding her a new home where she will be giving the care she deserves. 

Dakota was undernourished and rain rot and long feet but she has recovered very well and is ready to be moved on to her new home.  She is only 18 months old and has her whole live ahead of her!  Her sire is a registered black and white paint with a very stocky build so I am sure she will grow up to be a nice hunk of a horse.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Betsy and George

Betsy Ross and George Washington were abandoned by their owners on some property that they had been renting.  Fortunately for these two cute donkeys, some caring neighbors made sure that they had food and water so they wouldn't suffer.

From what I can tell, they are mother and son, the mother (Bets) appears to be under 5 years of age and the jack (George) is maybe one year old.  Obviously George has not been handled AT ALL and the Betsy has had limited handling.  Betsy will walk up to me for very limited petting and scratching but George will not tolerate touching at all other then a sneaky pat on the nose. They are both friendly in spite of their shyness and neither of them have shown any sign of aggression while I've worked with them so I think it wouldn't take too long to get them to overcome their shyness. 

George needs to be castrated, normally I have that procedure done before they are adopted out but if someone that I can trust to get him castrated after adoption wants him I will let him go in tact, otherwise he will have to stay here until he is tamed enough to be handled and castrated.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Bella is a very sweet, loving palomino mare that came to us by recommendation from one of my Horse Blanket Services clients.  She had previously owned the mare and sold her to a friend.  The friend no longer wanted Bella and decided to take her to the auction so she could "get a couple hundred dollars out of her".  Luckily for Bella, the lady was willing to bring her to HART so be placed in a new home. 

Once Bella arrived here the first thing we noticed that is she had "no wheels".  Have you ever heard the term "no foot, no horse?"  Well, poor Bella had terribly sore, chipped feet and could not tolerate walking on hard ground at all.  Because she is such a sweet, friendly, gentle well trained not to mention beautiful horse, there was a lot of interest in her and she was placed in a wonderful home in Newberg. 

When Bella's new family came to pick her up, a teeny 5 year old girl wanted to lead her out of the pasture.  Bella patiently followed behind this tiny girl, as we headed toward the gate the girl tripped and fell down right in front of Bella who instantly stopped and put her nose down as if to say "get up little girl and let's get going."  It was one of those precious moments that makes me so thankful that I am able to help these horses find better homes.

Bella's new owner is working diligently together with her farrier to get her feet ironed out, get some weight off her and get her back under the saddle packing children around.
I am not afraid of death and I am not selfish therefor no animal shall suffer at the hands of my weaknesses.