Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Pokey is a sweet little 2 year old stallion, he came in rated a Henneke body score 1 1/2, his sheath was very swollen and sore from being so filthy and had yeast infection. He had a heavy worm load and very poor protien levels

Little Pokey was at the bottom of the pecking order and has scars to show for it. The poor little guys eats so slowely that I have to keep him separate from the others so I can make sure he gets his share of food.

Here is Pokey enjoying some time in the pasture.

He's got the sweetest face and kindest eyes, he is very gentle and loves attention.

Here is a new photo of Pokey all recovered and filled out! He is a very playful and mischievious little stinker. He has a bit of a funny way of moving his front legs, I like to say he walks like a duck. I have seen this before in young horses that I have rescued they have grown out of it and turned out to be really nice horses. I'm sure Pokey will be the same way.

October 28.
Well it seems that my darling little Pokey is all grown up, his walk is good, he is all filled out and he is in with a dominant gelding learning some manners. He sure turned out to be a good looking horse!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful horse!!! You are a saint!

Anonymous said...

HOLY CRAP aunt Jamie, he looks like a total different horse! he looks very good!

Jamie Cheslock said...

LOL!! Not sure which niece or nephew that is from but thanks!

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