Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tow - Mater

Poor little Mater came to us a couple of weeks ago very, very sick and thin. His owner doesn't have the facilities or ability to give him all of the meds and care that he needs to get better so she brought him out here for rehabilitation. Normally I don't take in private horses but I just had to make an exception for this poor little guy. Mater's owner took him to a local vet who thinks that he has an internal abcess.

He has been here for two weeks now. I put him on a very strict diet and have had him on a prescribed antibiotics and worming regime. Finally, he is starting to show some signs of improvement in aditude and weight.

This photo is of Mater the day he arrived. He just would NOT eat so he was in pretty rough shape.

Here he is after one week - last Thurday. He had escaped from his stall while it was being cleaned and was raiding the hay pile when I took this quick shot before putting him back so please escuse all of the hazards around him.

We are hoping that Mater will make a full recovery from his illness but this is not the first time this little guy has been so sick during his short life. :(

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