Saturday, September 26, 2009

Updates on Studly, Snoot, Big Mare, Lightening and Amber

Here is an updated photo of my dear Studly.

I haven't ridden him yet as I'm waiting for the case to be closed and castration but he is definitely a very personable horse from the ground. It's easy to forget that he is a stallion because he is so gentle. Studly thoroughly enjoys being brushed and loved on and is not shy about showing his appreciation for the attention.

Here is an updated photo of Amber.

Amber has been returned to HART because her adoptive owner reported she had food aggression issues with the goats that she was pastured with. I now have her out with permanent HART resident Gigi and the two mini donkeys Charles and Franchesca and they are getting along great. I have decided that Amber is going to be a permanent resident of HART so I have plenty of teeny minis for the children to love on when they vistit.

I received a phone call update on Lightening the other day. His family reported that he is doing AWSOME and they absolutely love him. They are looking forward to training him to be ridden next year.

The family that adopted Big Marehave reported that she is absolutely perfect and they love her dearly. She was such an awsome horse that it was really hard for me to let her go but I just can't keep them all.

Snoot still lives here at HART as a boarder. Her owner is curently training her for OHSET and had been doing some trail riding. She has turned out to be a nice horse.

Monday, September 14, 2009

It's time for Pal to meet the big boys!

I've decided that it's about time to start weaning PAL. I always like to make the weaning process as low stress as possible for the mother and the foal and so far my method has worked pretty darn well for me. For starters, I move the mare and foal into a pasture with one or two gentle aged geldings. For Pal I choose Buster and Fritz as they are gentle giants. Today seemed like a good day to do it so here is Pal introducing himself to Buster and Fritz while Mom calmly eats hay in the background.

Well hay there little fella!

Hi, I'm just a baby. Won't you be my friend?

I couldn't have asked for a smoother introduction. I'm going to leave all of these guys together for a couple of days and then I will put Pal and the gentlemen in the arena (the safest environment possible) and take Mom away for a bit to see how they react. Normally the foal will have made some great new friends so he won't fuss very much for his mother. If he doesn't make too much of a stink I'll go ahead and move Mom down to the PAL Ranch so they can't hear each other call. Once all is calm with the guys, I'll move them all back out to the pasture and get on with things.

Gearing up for the Winter

Well summer is rapidly comming to an end. I love the cool air of fall, the return of the green in the fields and the sweet smell of the fall rains but also fear what this winter will bring us. There are still hundreds of thousands of people out of work and and several thousand of them are finding their unemployment benefits tapped out. This not only means that more people can't afford to feed and care for their animals, but it also means that they can no longer afford to make donations to charities.

I have been working hard this past several weeks to be as ready as possible for the onset of rescue cases that I fear will come our way. New fences have been built, shelters are being reinforced, mud control put into place, hay is being stored and supplies are being gathered. I hope and pray that I will not be forced to turn any animals away this winter but have a terrible feeling in my gut that there will be more then I can handle on my own.

Here is a photo of the new no climb horse fence that we put around our winter sacrafice areas. This was a lot of hard work and expensive but definately necessary. Now barring bubble wrapping everything, this is a very horse safe area.

One of the things that I do here at HART to raise funds is buy and sell tack and horse related items. I have recently purchased a really cute little two horse Logan Ranger II slant load trailer. If you or anyone you know is interested in the trailer, please call or email me here at HART. I also have several nice saddles and tons of other tack items. We will have a booth at the Canby Tack Sale in October so make sure you come and check us out. I'm also going to work on putting together a tack for sale area here on the blog. Be patient!

In addition, if you have any horse related items you would like to donate or sell let me know and I'll come pick them up and give you a reciept for your taxes.

Hopefully soon Studly, Pokey, Boss and Pal will be up for adoption. We are having a forteiture hearing on the 29th. This also means that Studly, Pokey and Pal will have to be castrated so if you can spare an extra $1.00 or two, please send it to Carlton Vet c/o HART and it will be used to help pay for the three castrations.

Thank you everyong for your continued support. All help, money and supplies are ALWAYS appreciated!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thank you OET

For having me to speak at your meeting. I hope that my speech was informative.

I am not afraid of death and I am not selfish therefor no animal shall suffer at the hands of my weaknesses.