Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Felipe' the Miniature Donkey

Felipe' came to us from Camp Tillikum West of Newberg, he and his buddy a little Jennette had been donated to the camp for the children to pet and enjoy.  Unfortunately, little Felipe' had not been castrated and with being a donkey and having a girlfriend, his actions were a bit unsettling to the camp supervisors and inappropriate for the children. Within one week of arriving at HART Rescue we performed a surgery that we are very well known for doing that I like to refer to as 'brain surgery' (castration).

After a couple weeks of recovery time Felipe' was allowed out into the pasture with my two old mules so they could teach him a few things about manners and let him know under no uncertain terms that approaching a lady from behind with unsavory intentions is not to be tolerated.  It didn't take my good mules long to educate Felipe' and he was then allowed to be with the rest of the herd.

Felipe' went on to form a relationship with Buster, our resident paint gelding where the two of them took turns chasing each other all over the pasture and playing.  They provided hours of entertainment for our hay crew, volunteers and visitors here at HART.

This sweet little donkey then moved on to be adopted by the Alpenrose Dairy to live the rest of his life in luxury at their Story Book Lane to be loved and be doted on by hundreds of children and to further his career as the star donkey in their live Nativity Scene exhibit at the dairy.

Thank you very much to Carlton Vet and Dr. Ross Clelland for performing the necessary surgery and thank you to Debbie Arguedas for delivering Felipe' to Alpenrose Dairy.

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