Sunday, January 25, 2009

Buttermilk Buscuit - Adopted

Buttermilk Buscuit is the last of the Highway 47 minis to be rescued. She is a sweet, young little mare who is a little shy but is definately willing and wanting to be your freind. She gets along great with Frosty and the two of them share a large stall.

Buttermilk is a very correct little mini and would make a really nice cart pony or pet. Out of all of the little minis that have been rescued, this little mare is probably the one that I would choose to keep. I'm sure she will be adopted fast because she is so cute.

Howdy. I'll have to get some new pics of "Little Miss Summertime Sienna" (aka Buttermilk). She's made friends with all my big horses save one (that mare is pastued by herself so Sienna can enjoy company & stay safe). She's mostly shed out, but still has a very furry fat belly. She thought I could have come up with better things to do yesterday when I brushed it. She's quite good about her face & back, but still fussy about her underbelly/sides & rump. If I really get with it sometime I'll have to video her running with the herd....she seems to be in pure bliss when everyone takes off across the pasture & she actually keeps up with my big horses! sometimes she'll just rip around on her own ;-)


May 25, 2009
These are a few of her this weekend. Not sure if she's just got a little grass belly or pregnant...??? Time will tell, she's at pasture 24/7 for now. She's not "fat", just a little belly & she's super active so I'll leave her on pasture as long as she seems to keep conditioned w/o getting over weight. She has lots of Dun factor & now that she's shed out you can see zebra stripe on her legs...very fun.

Red Bone - Deceased

Red Bone came to us with Snoot and Big Mare. She was a sweet older little mare who weasled her way into my heart on the first day. Red Bone was named after her condition when she came here, she was red and very bony. She was extremely emaciated, covered in lice and fleas and full of worms. Poor Red Bone was in such bad shape that I was afraid she would not recover, she was so week she could barely walk and dragged her back feet when she did. Most of her hair fell off when I gave her a bath so she was mostly bald. I was very pleased to watch this girls progress as she recovered. Sadly Red Bone coliced and was put out of her missery. A necropsy was done and a hard ball of dried hay was found causing the colic.

Rest in peast dear Red Bone.

Snoot - Adopted

Snoot came to us along with Big Mare and Red Bone in May of 2008. She was thin, covered in lice and fleas and full of worms. Although she had been in the same pasture with Big Mare and Red Bone, she wasn't nearly as thin as they were as she was at the top of the pecking order.

Snoot is a nice little mare with a lot of personality who really lives up to her name. She is well started in her training and we are currently riding her every day to further her education and make her into a nice open show and trail riding horse.

UPDATE - March 8, 2009
This little mare is really turning out to be a great horse. The family that adopted her has been keeping her here so I can help them with her training. I've been riding her some myself too and she really is a smart horse. We've been working on a lot of arena work and just recently we've taken her out on some trail rides and she did AWSOME! She even crossed the river and when over a couple of bridges without even batting an eye.

Big Mare - ADOPTED

Big Mare came to us with Snoot and Red Bone in May of 2008. This girl was named after her size, she is just a big ole' girl. We also refer to her as Grandma, Big Girl, Big Mamma and Sweat Heart.

Big Mare and her pasture mates had been starved and abused by their owner. When I got her she was extremely emaciated, covered in lice and fleas and full of worms. After several weeks of intense feeding and care she made a full recovery. She quickly became one of my favorite horses here at the rescue, I just couldn't help but to love her personality. She is extremely well trained and has found a new home with a loving family that is looking forward to taking care of her for the rest of her life.

UPDATE March 8, 2009
Big Mare turned out to be extremely will broke and very gentle for anyone to ride. I loved riding her and she was very good for giving riding lessons to young children. She turned out to be a favorite in the barn among all of the kids. She was adopted out to a very nice family who absolutely adores her.

UPDATE October 2010
Unfortunately I have been informed that Big Mare was put down because of complications from found. Rest in peace sweet Big Mare, it was a pleasure having you in my life.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

State of the Union

Our bad economy continues to add more animal victims. Every day my phone rings and email box fills with cries for help from people who cannot afford to feed their animals anymore or who want to report animals they have seen that are hurt, starving or abused. It's heartbreaking when I have to turn so many people away because my place is full to capacity. I am hoping that the 4 minis rescued right before the big storm hit in December will be placed soon so their stalls will open up for more animals in need.

My 501 c 3 has finally been filed with the State of Oregon the name of my rescue is H.A.R.T. (Horse/Animal Rescue Team) so starting with 2009 all donations of supplies, professional services and money are tax deductible. Cash donations received are used to pay medical bills and to provide feed and needed medicine for the rescued horses. In lieu of sending any money to me, I actually prefer that money be sent directly to Carlton Vet Services on behalf of HART. The vet will let me know when money comes in and I can provide donors with a receipt for tax purposes. The reason for this is you can be assured that 100% of your donation will be used for the medical care of the rescued horses. Carlton Vet also provides a discount to HART for their services on rescue animals and I really want to thank them for that! If you would rather donate supplies, we can always use Equine Senior (often abandoned horses are older horses), other grain, Beat Pulp, Alfalfa Pellets, Stall Pellets, Hay Cubes, wormer, and joint supplements. Additionally, I accept donations of any horse related items, what cannot be directly used for the rescued horses is sold and the funds are used to purchase feed and supplies. All items and money donated will now be tax deductible.

We finally finished one of our animal cruelty cases in Yamhill County. I have been caring for the horses since last May and just as soon as I get the paperwork from the Sheriff's Office I can put them here on my blog for all to see. One of the horses already has a family that is adopting her and I am hoping to find a good home for the other one soon. She is one of my favorite horses here so I'll be pretty picky as to where she goes. Well......I'm actually pretty picky about where all of my rescue horses go but this one IS special to me.

Here is a sneak preview of the two girls

I opened up some more space out in the old barn so I could foster some pot bellied pigs and a duck for the Humane Society. I had my doubts about taking in pigs but they are sure a lot easier to take care of then the horses! The duck is so cute, he is best friends with one of the pigs and the two are inseparable. When the pig lies down to sleep, the duck crawls up on his back and sleeps with him. He also preens his little pig friends keeping them presentable for visitors. Because there is an open case on these guys I cannot feature photos of them on my blogs, sorry. You can come and visit them, just give me a call and I’m happy to make some time for you.

I continue to enjoy getting updates from all of the adoptive homes about the horses that I have placed with them. Please, keep the emails, phone calls and a picture coming it’s really nice to see how happy and healthy all of the horses that I have worked so hard to save are.

If you would like more information on becoming a Livestock or Small Animal Foster Home for the Humane Society, please call Lisa Coleman at 503-285-7722. She will send you the paperwork and arrange for a site visit. I highly recommend signing up.
I am not afraid of death and I am not selfish therefor no animal shall suffer at the hands of my weaknesses.