Monday, September 22, 2008

Farra - In Foster Care

Farra is an older palomino mare (25-30) with scars on her back from untreated rain rot. She is extremely thin and still lingering rain rot that will need treatment. Farra’s main is really thick and she is looking for a little girl that would like to brush it for her. She is really sweet and loves any attention she can get. Farra needs to have her teeth done so she can eat better.

Farra is being fosterd by Tammy and Julie of Carlton Veterinary Services! Thank you Tammy and Julie!

Farra had her teeth done by Dr. Ross Cleland of Carlton Veterinary Hospital, he had to work on her for a very long time because some of her teeth were 2-4 inches long. He said it was the worse dental case he had ever seen and that she will probably never be able to close her mouth correctly.

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