Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Tease is a very sweet 7 year old mare whose Henneke body scale was a 2. She was so grateful to be rescued that she litterally lay down at my feet and looked up at me with such graditude that it broke my heart. She has some soundness issues but we are hoping that they well get better as she regains her strength.

Tease got bit on a lot because she was pretty low on the totem pole. She has a lot of dermatitis and rain rot that is healing nicely with the use of Tea Tree Products donated by Molly StHillaire and Eric Whitherspoon, there is already evidence of new hair comming in.

Here is a photo of Tease all fattened up and looking great 6-17-09


Anonymous said...

I was able to spend some time with Tease and found her to be the most gentle, loving mare. I was also able to witness her galloping in the pasture. I think she will be a good mover for someone when she gets adopted.

Jamie Cheslock said...

Thank you for being so kind to Tease, she really is a sweet mare and I hope to find her an excellent home as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

I was speaking with my sister-inlaw last night regarding your rescue. My sister-inlaw has two of the minis from Grand Ronde... two sweet little mares.
Bless you for what you do, I am brought to tears when it comes to the abuse & neglect of animals. We have horses, dogs and cats... they are a part of our family and loved very much. Their well being totally depends on us ~ if people can't take care of them properly then rehome or surrender them... don't make them suffer!

Jamie Cheslock said...

Thank you very much for your kind words.

mitch said...

Wow she is beautiful! Is she up for adoption? I am looking for a horse...but so far i have had no luck.

I am not afraid of death and I am not selfish therefor no animal shall suffer at the hands of my weaknesses.