Thursday, March 26, 2009

Udated photos of the Sheridan horses

I try to get updated photos once a week for the first couple of months and then once a month until the horses are completely rehabilitated. Last Thursday we spent all day brushing and loving on all of the horses and then took photos. They were all still pretty hairy and rough looking in spite of the hours of brushing but you can still see a big improvement.

This is Boss. We've come to the conclusion that she is pregnant for SURE. Her belly gets bigger every day and she has a full bag of milk. Since we have no clue when she's due I keep her in a extra large stall at night and out on the grass during the day and we are keeping a hawks eye on her. The longer she hangs on to that foal the better.

Both Madelin and Giggles have white spots on their sides and backs so I'm pretty sure that Big Ruth is their damm.

Here is little Giggles. She has a really nice family that wants to foster her.

Madelin seems to be a barn favorit, the family that wants to foster Giggles also wants to foster Madelin.

Big Ruth has really come a long way. I have her on two high quality joint supplements. That along with free turnout and good food have greatly helped her back legs. The photo of her hips show how she is really starting to fill out. Big Ruth has someone acive with Mustangs and MOHR that is considering fostering her.

Pokey is still pretty pathetic looking but he has made a lot of progress. We brushed and brushed on this little guy and he still looks pretty ragged. Hopefully he will start shedding out that rough, dry coat so he starts looking better.

Tease has made a lot of progress. She is Pokey's damm, they are very similar in structure and markings and both of their coats still look bad but I'm sure that very soon they'll shed out and be lovely.

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