Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bad News for HART

After spending SEVERAL HOURS out at the site I was forced to come to the determination that the horses were not in bad enough shape to justify seizing them at this point.  The horses are for the most part in poor condition and are being kept in deplorable conditions BUT I know that on the day I was there (today) it is not bad enough that we could seize them and win our case in court.  It absolutely breaks my heart that I had to turn my back and walk away from 10 pregnant mares and 5 stallions, I'm completely sick to my stomach about this.

On one hand I wish I had waited to send out my email for help until the horses were here but on the other hand I knew that I needed help to be here TODAY to take are of these horses if I had been able to bring them home. I was confident that the deal was going to go down as the sheriff assured me that the conditions were terrible.  We had a legal warrant but I didn't want to blow our case by seizing these horses and having to give them back to their abusive owners.

We will continue to monitor this case and believe me, the INSTANT I feel we have enough grounds to seize, those horses  WILL BE SEIZED.

I wan to thank Tammy and the girls for all of the time they spent out here today getting the barn ready for this group of horses and Gwen for bringing out grain, alfalfa pellets and wormer.

Help and Foster and Parmanent Homes Needed ASAP

HART Rescue is in urgent need of permanent or foster homes for several horses.  The reason for this sudden need is that I am going out to assist the Sheriff serve a warrant and seize 15 horses that includes 5 stallions that are in horrible conditions and terrible health.   This will put HART way beyond capacity of the facilities and my body.

If you can adopt or foster one of our current resident horses Pokey, Raja, Madeline and Giggles are all wonderful horses and ready to go.  They are all healthy and sound, Pokey is the only one that is broke to ride.  He has had tons of ground work done by a natural horsemanship trainer and about 10 rides where he has done wonderfully, he walks and trots around the arena completely relaxed.  The other three are all very gentle and healthy but only halter broke, they have all been saddled but that is about it.

Minis that need homes are Wolley Bear, Foot Pony and Little Red One.  They are all gentle but a little shy.  I believe I have homes for Rambo and Nemo but I will keep you posted.

After the new 15 arrivals have been triage, documented, evaluated and healthy enough to place we will also need foster homes for them.  They will be wards of the court until the case is settled.  I can give you all of the details at a later date.

Since we are being slammed way beyond capacity with the arrival of these 15 desperate horses HART will be also is in need of good quality hay, alfalfa, grain, stall bedding and especially PANELS as I do not have enough stalls for all of them.  I have placed a PayPal link at the top of my website if you would like to send money.  Be assured that all donations are tax deductible!!!!  You can still send money to Carlton Vet c/o HART Rescue also.

Help of the labor variety is also very much appreciated as these horses are currently in DEPLORABLE conditions.  They are all going to need to be bathed, their feet done, wormed and so on.  I'm thinking that since I don't know what time the warrant will be signed by the judge let's hold off most volunteers until Monday.  I could use some select help later this afternoon and evening to help get the horses settled in, fed and whatnot.  If you have volunteered here in the past when things have been hecktic, know where everything is in the barn and can work without supervision than you would be a good one to come help later today.

Please spread the word HART needs your help, this warrant and seizure are for sure things, these horses will be arriving at HART sometime later this afternoon.
I am not afraid of death and I am not selfish therefor no animal shall suffer at the hands of my weaknesses.