Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Big Ruth

Big Ruth is a mustang mare. She has a freeze brand from when she was captured that tells us that she was two years old at capture in 2001, was foaled in 1999 and is from the Warm Springs herd. Ruth is a sweet mare, she shows signs of having stringhalt or some other sort of issue with her back legs. She seems to be getting better as she recovers.

Here is Big Ruth's Brand, see how to read a BLM brand here

Big Ruth is moving and walking SO MUCH BETTER thank you to the generous donation of some excellent joint supplements.

Here are some updates and notes from Big Ruth's foster home

Sent to me on 4/27/09
Gerdi's a big girl, and she's moving like she never had a problem with her back legs. I think it was neurological from starvation instead of a joint problem. The weight tape says she's gained 200# since she's been here. Her total weight gain is way more than that.

She's looking just a little thin - no longer 'skinny'

Once she finishes her blotchy shedding job, she'll look pretty good.

She's getting a beefy butt, ... and she no longer has empty folds of skin hanging between her front legs.

Sent to me on 5/7/09
She still has some fluffy tufts to shed out.

Gerdi's look when I'm scratching the right spot on her neck.

Gerdi went to a gentling clinic sponsored by the Pacific Wild Horse Club today. She was the "evaluate what a rescue really knows" horse. She played dress-up. She didn't mind wearing the saddle much.

She was nervous about the pony-mule that was there. And Mocha the chubby mini had her intimidated.

There was a massage therapy clinic afterward - that was good, too.


rngovvet said...

Ruth's brand says she was born in 1999. BLM says she was captured in 2001 at age 2.


Jamie Cheslock said...

Opps, sorry Gwen, I fixed her post. Imust have been tired when I was updating my blog!

rngovvet said...


I understand!

What a week!

And it's only Wednesday...

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