Sunday, January 25, 2009

Big Mare - ADOPTED

Big Mare came to us with Snoot and Red Bone in May of 2008. This girl was named after her size, she is just a big ole' girl. We also refer to her as Grandma, Big Girl, Big Mamma and Sweat Heart.

Big Mare and her pasture mates had been starved and abused by their owner. When I got her she was extremely emaciated, covered in lice and fleas and full of worms. After several weeks of intense feeding and care she made a full recovery. She quickly became one of my favorite horses here at the rescue, I just couldn't help but to love her personality. She is extremely well trained and has found a new home with a loving family that is looking forward to taking care of her for the rest of her life.

UPDATE March 8, 2009
Big Mare turned out to be extremely will broke and very gentle for anyone to ride. I loved riding her and she was very good for giving riding lessons to young children. She turned out to be a favorite in the barn among all of the kids. She was adopted out to a very nice family who absolutely adores her.

UPDATE October 2010
Unfortunately I have been informed that Big Mare was put down because of complications from found. Rest in peace sweet Big Mare, it was a pleasure having you in my life.

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