Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Last night Boss gave birth to a beautiful, healthy colt! Mom and baby are both doing great. The vet will be out this afternoon to draw blood and do a wellness check on them both just to make sure. Boss is a wonderful, attentive mother and is kind enough to allow me to mess around with her little newborn without worry.

I decided to name him PAL of my HART. PAL is for the PAL Ranch in Mcminnville, the owners of the ranch donated the use of the property and barns to my rescue and expressed a desire to adopt Boss and her unborn foal several weeks ago. PAL stands for People Animals Love. The HART part of his name of course is for HART Rescue.

I can't tell who the sire is because he's the spitting image of his dam!

Julie, I hope you like that name. I know I said you should name him but PAL of my HART just seemed so perfect! You and Hanna can give him a good barn name.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Thank You Newberg Vet for the Dental Work

Today, Wendy (the mini taxi) picked numbers 9 and 11 up to take them to Newberg Veterinary Services so Dr. Erin Tripp could do their dental work for them. Here are some photos of their trip to the vet.

Waiting their turn for the proceedure

11 getting her teeth done. Her mouth was really a mess so she's going to need some follow up work.

9 gets her turn, her mouth wasn't in too bad of shape.

A little discussion between the vet and the pony wrangler

Whew! Done and giving the grass a trim.

Thank you Wendy and Newberg Vet for helping me take care of these little horses.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Today was an exciting day for HART

We had several visitors.

My old buddy Jeanne Dougal came by with her mom to drop off some donations of used horse tack to sell and or use for the rescued horses and some new supply items for the rescue.

Pat Swansik picked up Fabio to take him to his appointment for brain surgery at Willamette Valley Equine THAT MEANS ONE LESS STALLION AT HART! I'm so sorry Fabio but it just had to be done. Good luck old man and we'll see you back here on Friday. In case you are confused, Fabio used to be referred to as Eclipse but we changed his name to Fabio after he made it quite apparent that he was a ladies man and wanted no mistake of the matter, the poor little guy just couldn't understand why we wouldn't let him be with the ladies! Oh and "brain surgery" is just a another term for castration. Yeeks!

We also had a visit from a couple of 4-H groups from Yamhill County, the Red Hill Riders and the River Bandits.

Several kids and parents spent a couple of hours here at HART brushing all of the horses, cleaning out the arena and visiting with me. The ponies all enjoyed the attention from all of the girls.

Here is 5 getting some much deserved one on one attention

10 was a favorite among the girls, she is by far the best kids pony in the bunch.

A sample of what my barn isle looks like full of girls and ponies!

The boys helped with cleaning the arena!

I thought the girls that had the donkeys were lucky but of course I LOVE donkeys.

10 never ceases to amaze me!

And finally, here is the whole gange with their ponies.

THANK YOU to all that came out today for all of you help and for the donations, all is very much appreciated!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Two New Residences to Join the Minis

Last night I took in two darling little Sicilian Miniature Donkeys, Charles and Franchesca were brought here so I can try to find them a new home where they can live together in happiness for the rest of their lives. They are sweet, freindly little darlings and must stay together.

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Shout out to Mrs. Godbey's Kids in Perrydale

HI KIDS! I look forward to meeting all of you one day soon!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Divine Equine 4-H and their Day with HART

Divine Equine 4-H Club was kind enough to not only come and help me get the rest of the minis cleaned up but they also did a write up about the experience along with photos.

Thank you Divine for everything that you have done for us.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I have updated the inforamtion on all of the horses

I recieved an email from a person giving me all of the information on the 15 minis at HART so I have updated the description below. She asks that they all please keep their given names and I intend to honor her request.

Yesterday I had two different 4-h groups and several other individual people come out and help me finsih all off the work on all of the minis. They are all now completely free of their manuar balls, feet trimmed, eyes treated, wormed, flea dipped and delouced.

Here is a photo of my along with a couple of the awsome helpers I had yesterday.

Little Shadow Dancer is still so weak and fragil that we can only work on her for a few minutes at a time so she still has a lot of manuar balls to be removed but she is difinately more comfortable.

Bandit and Gambler went to their new home at Project Spirit a couple days ago.

Karina, Jem, Sparkle, Majorette and Shasta all went to their new home yesterday. They are living very close to HART so I will be able to check on them every day.

Wednesday, a representative from at vet in Newberg that is donating two floats is comming out to look at all of the remaining minis to see what two need them the most. She is going to haul those two directly to the clinic to have them taken care of right away. Thank you guys for that!

HART always has a no questions asked return policy on all of these little minis and any other horse or animal that is adopted so no matter what if it doesn't work out I will take the horse back and find it another suitable home. I also check in with my adoptive homes as often as possible weather it be a quick drive by, phone call or email just to make sure that everything is going well. I encourage adoptive families to send me updated stories and photos of their horses so I can put them on the blog.

Donations continue to come in and I am so grateful for each and every one of them no matter how big or small. We have plenty of grain here at HART for the horses so our greatest need now is pelleted stall bedding, money to Carlton Vet for vet care or money directly to HART for site improvements, the porta potty, the electric bill and other larger items that are more difficult to donate.

It has become obvious to me that I need to set up an account at a feed store and since WILCO is completely uncooperative with things like that I have decided to move my business to a small, family owned feed store in McMinville called Valley Feed. Just as soon as I can break away from the ranch I'll go down there and make arrangements for the account so people will be able to choose between sending money to Carlton Vet or Valley Feed. I think this will also give me an opportunity to use the combined donations to the feed store to help buy some of the larger ticket items that I have such a huge need for at this time.

Thank you again everyone and don't forget to look again at the list of horses so you can see their REAL names and ages, I think it's importand.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Enjoying their turn oustide

Here are a few photos of the minis hanging out in the quaranteen pasture. Tomorrow, two different 4-h groups are comming out to help me clean up the last of them so they will all be ready for adoption.

Good News!

Here is a shot of some of the minis enjoying the sun from my arena the day we brought them here. I'll get some more photos of them today and tomorrow.

The defendant in the case of the 15 miniature horses signed a full relinquishment of the horses over to the Sheriff's Office and I have been given permission to adopt out all except the seven that had the really bad feet. This is so exciting and I am very happy to report that almost all of those minis have been spoken for and will be placed in their new homes very soon!!!!!

I have several 4-h kids and a few other people comming tomorrow to help me finish getting all of the minis cleaned up, trimmed, wormed and brushed before they are sent to their new homes. My barn is going to be very full of helpful people and I am looking forward to it.

Here is the link to a news story that the local paper put in about the horses Fifteen Horses Seized in Grand Rhonde

Here is the best news, the donations comming in here have been PLENTYFUL and very GENEROUS!!!!!! Chance's Miniature Horse Rescue (CMHR)had sent a generous amount of money to Carlton Veterinary Services to help with the vet care for these special little horses. All of this just gives me the chills and when I got the phone call from the vet to let me know I cried. THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE! The ponies will be well served because of you.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Finally, photos of all of the mini horses horses

It's been crazy busy around here with trying to get the horses comfortable and creating a pasture area for them. The news crews have been keeping us pretty busy for the past two days. It's hard to believe that a one or two minute story takes two hours of interviewing and shooting. We were on channels 2, 6 and 8 and two different newspapers have come out also. Click here to see one of the stories. I'm pretty sure we are done with the news part of things.

Anyway, here at long last are finally photos of all 15 horses.

Number 1 Shasta (daughter are Misti #4) foaled 7/10/91 38 inches registered as light chestnut but is actually a light red dun carries appaloosa gene

Number 2 Moonshadow aka Mooney(barn name) foaled 4/29/97 appx 32 inches solid black

Number 2's feet

Number 3, she has a potential homeMajorette foaled in April of 1999 appx between 36 and 37 inches silver dapple bay pinto

Number 4 Misti (Shasta's daughter, sire was Melodys Mystical Mountain Magic-grulla pintoloosa) foaled 5/15/98 appx between 36 and 38 inches silver dun w/ appy characteristics

Number 4's feet

Number 5 Mariah foaled 2/27/97 appx between 36 and 38 inches black and white pinto Her feet were so bad that she is going to need special care for a long time.

Number 5's feet

Number 6, Sparkle (leader of this herd but gives way to bully, Molly)(#7, #8, #9 are her daughters) foaled 4/25/95 appx 33 inches chocolate silver dapple roan (coloring is not correct on papers)she has a potential home

Number 6's feet

Number 7 Classy (Sparkle's daughter) foaled in 1998 appx 27 inches silver dappleis a TEENY little mare and so sweet! She has a potential home.

7's back feet

7's front feet

Number 8 Jem (Bandit is the sire, Sparkle is mother)--she is attached to Sparkle foaled in 2004 appx 32 inches silver dapple with grey gene She has a potential home.

Number 9 Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of number 9 other then her hip!Fancy (Sparkle is mother, sire is Charles Specktacular Emperor-black appy) foaled 4/3/2000 appx between 32 and 33 inches silver dapple

Number 9 had bad feet

Number 10 a sweet little mare. Molly (registered as Mom's Baby) (she is bully of the bunch) foaled 12/31/97 appx 38 inches chestnut She has a potential home.

Number 11 is a sweet tiny mare. Amber (registered as Misty Mountains Surprize Package)(#12 is her daughter) foaled 8/24/88 (yes, that is right! she has the paper. 21 years young) 31 inches light chestnut with flaxen mane and tail Her stomach was thick with huge poop and muds balls that were hard as rocks. She has a potential home.

Number 11's feet

Number 12 is a cute little mare. Karina (daughter of Amber-they are very attached) foaled 5/3/97 appx 38 black do not put her in hot wired area with it off! she is VERY smart She is pretty shy and hard to catch but once you have her she is really friendly. She has a potential home.

Number 13, Shadow (aka Shadow Dancer)(father is black and white pinto from toyland stud, mother was black appy with Orion Light Van't Huttenest lines) foaled Feb of 1997 (not very very old!!! just very bad teeth and feet. has lots of spirit and heart and one of the finest of the entire lot) appx between 32 and 33 inches black pintoloosa

13's feet

Number 14 Bandit (registered as Cry Wolf Slashen Bandit) foaled 4/12/97 appx 32 inches born sorrel medicine hat tovero with blue eyes but has greying gene and was white he was 2he has one undescended testicle (needs surgery , he has a potential home.

Number 15 a stallion, he is gentle and freindly.Gambler (registered AMHA and AMHR PMM Joys Little Gamblin Man) foaled 4/8/94 appx between 28 and 30 inches color is not correct on paperwork. he is silver dapple bay roan
I am not afraid of death and I am not selfish therefor no animal shall suffer at the hands of my weaknesses.