Saturday, April 11, 2009

I have updated the inforamtion on all of the horses

I recieved an email from a person giving me all of the information on the 15 minis at HART so I have updated the description below. She asks that they all please keep their given names and I intend to honor her request.

Yesterday I had two different 4-h groups and several other individual people come out and help me finsih all off the work on all of the minis. They are all now completely free of their manuar balls, feet trimmed, eyes treated, wormed, flea dipped and delouced.

Here is a photo of my along with a couple of the awsome helpers I had yesterday.

Little Shadow Dancer is still so weak and fragil that we can only work on her for a few minutes at a time so she still has a lot of manuar balls to be removed but she is difinately more comfortable.

Bandit and Gambler went to their new home at Project Spirit a couple days ago.

Karina, Jem, Sparkle, Majorette and Shasta all went to their new home yesterday. They are living very close to HART so I will be able to check on them every day.

Wednesday, a representative from at vet in Newberg that is donating two floats is comming out to look at all of the remaining minis to see what two need them the most. She is going to haul those two directly to the clinic to have them taken care of right away. Thank you guys for that!

HART always has a no questions asked return policy on all of these little minis and any other horse or animal that is adopted so no matter what if it doesn't work out I will take the horse back and find it another suitable home. I also check in with my adoptive homes as often as possible weather it be a quick drive by, phone call or email just to make sure that everything is going well. I encourage adoptive families to send me updated stories and photos of their horses so I can put them on the blog.

Donations continue to come in and I am so grateful for each and every one of them no matter how big or small. We have plenty of grain here at HART for the horses so our greatest need now is pelleted stall bedding, money to Carlton Vet for vet care or money directly to HART for site improvements, the porta potty, the electric bill and other larger items that are more difficult to donate.

It has become obvious to me that I need to set up an account at a feed store and since WILCO is completely uncooperative with things like that I have decided to move my business to a small, family owned feed store in McMinville called Valley Feed. Just as soon as I can break away from the ranch I'll go down there and make arrangements for the account so people will be able to choose between sending money to Carlton Vet or Valley Feed. I think this will also give me an opportunity to use the combined donations to the feed store to help buy some of the larger ticket items that I have such a huge need for at this time.

Thank you again everyone and don't forget to look again at the list of horses so you can see their REAL names and ages, I think it's importand.


Anonymous said...

As somebody who worked very close to this case I would just like to say... all legal/criminal matters aside, thank you to everyone who helped with these horses. Thank you to the suspect who released them to the Sheriff's Office. Thank you to the Sheriff's Office for organizing thier removal from the property. Thank you to the Sheriff's Posse and the volunteers who helped move them. Thank you to Jamie for caring and housing these animals as if they were her own. Thank you to all the individuals who adopted the horses. And most of all thank you to everyone who donated time, money, work and labor to these animals who have no way to defend or care for themselves. This couldnt not have happened if it werent for the cooperation of EVERYONE involved. I'm glad we we're able to give these animals the care they needed before it was too late!

Jamie Cheslock said...

Oh my Goodness! Thank you for reminding me about the assistance from the Sheriff's Possee, yes they do also deserve a big thank you for all of their efferts and their excellent idea of numbering the horses so I could keep track of them better.

Heidi said...

So, if I have it right, HART still has Moonshadow, Misty, Mariah, Classy, Fancy, Molly, Amber and Shadow? I know you must be way too busy to keep posting details here but I sure hope they ALL get good homes!

Jamie Cheslock said...

All of the minis have homes!! It was amazing how many people stepped forward and asked if they could adopt a mini.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Wondering how the minis are doing, especially Shadow Dancer? And if there is any information about Murphy and his friends? Someone I know thinks you have a halo, and so do I. Thank you for everything you do.

~Friend of a friend of Murphy's mom

Jamie Cheslock said...

The minis are all doing very well. Shadow Dancer is in rehabilitation along with Mariah. They will be returned to me after they have recovered and then they will be available for adoption. It could be up to a year before they are ready.

I am not afraid of death and I am not selfish therefor no animal shall suffer at the hands of my weaknesses.