Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Today was an exciting day for HART

We had several visitors.

My old buddy Jeanne Dougal came by with her mom to drop off some donations of used horse tack to sell and or use for the rescued horses and some new supply items for the rescue.

Pat Swansik picked up Fabio to take him to his appointment for brain surgery at Willamette Valley Equine THAT MEANS ONE LESS STALLION AT HART! I'm so sorry Fabio but it just had to be done. Good luck old man and we'll see you back here on Friday. In case you are confused, Fabio used to be referred to as Eclipse but we changed his name to Fabio after he made it quite apparent that he was a ladies man and wanted no mistake of the matter, the poor little guy just couldn't understand why we wouldn't let him be with the ladies! Oh and "brain surgery" is just a another term for castration. Yeeks!

We also had a visit from a couple of 4-H groups from Yamhill County, the Red Hill Riders and the River Bandits.

Several kids and parents spent a couple of hours here at HART brushing all of the horses, cleaning out the arena and visiting with me. The ponies all enjoyed the attention from all of the girls.

Here is 5 getting some much deserved one on one attention

10 was a favorite among the girls, she is by far the best kids pony in the bunch.

A sample of what my barn isle looks like full of girls and ponies!

The boys helped with cleaning the arena!

I thought the girls that had the donkeys were lucky but of course I LOVE donkeys.

10 never ceases to amaze me!

And finally, here is the whole gange with their ponies.

THANK YOU to all that came out today for all of you help and for the donations, all is very much appreciated!


Amy said...

How is Fabio after the brain surgery?

Jamie Cheslock said...

Fabio is doing GREAT! He hd very little swelling and is healing very nicely. He and his buddy Stormy are finally settled into their permanent home in Tigard with one of my best friends and HART advocate.

Amy said...

That's great news. I'll let the club kids know how they are doing. Hope you are doing well, too!

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