Sunday, June 19, 2011

Two new pathetic arrivals at HART Rescue


This is poor Hummer, he was pulled out of a very unfortunate situation where he was not being fed properly and had very little room to move around.  He is severely emaciated, I rated him at a body score of 2 1/2 and his feet are in horrible condition right now.  Hummer is very sweet and kind and stands at the gate waiting for love and attention.  Hummer is only 4 years old but is wise well beyond his years, I didn't put a tape on him but I am estimating he is just over 17 hands.  I was told that his previous owner and her children used to ride him around the yard.

Hummer will be looking for a new home as soon as he is stabilized and well enough to be moved.  He will need to be placed with someone that has experience with draft horses and is able to teach him proper ground manners.


Gypsy is a medicine hat pinto, she is 5 years old, approximately 14 1/2 hands high.  Gypsy is rated at a body score of 3.  Gypsy was showing some signs of aggression when I inspected her out at the site and I have been told by a person that knows the horse that she has a past of showing food aggression.  She has not been aggressive since she has arrived at HART but she has only been here for one day and I have been just leaving them alone other than petting if they come to the gate.  I am hoping that after she realizes she will no longer need to worry about where her next meal is coming from she will settle down a bit.  Just on her first night here she was standing quietly at the gate enjoying some loving and scratching while completely relaxed.

A neighbor from where these two horses came from has generously offered to pay for 30 days of training with a kind, gentle trainer for Gypsy.  After she has had some time to recover and put on some weight she will be sent to the trainer who will evaluate her aggression issues and hopefully start her under saddle.

If you would like to help with with these horses, HART has a few different ways you can do so:

1.  Come out and volunteer
2.  Donate hay, grain or supplies
3.  Send money to Carlton Vet c/o HART Rescue
4.  Send money via the PayPal link at the top of the page
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