Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tow - Mater

Poor little Mater came to us a couple of weeks ago very, very sick and thin. His owner doesn't have the facilities or ability to give him all of the meds and care that he needs to get better so she brought him out here for rehabilitation. Normally I don't take in private horses but I just had to make an exception for this poor little guy. Mater's owner took him to a local vet who thinks that he has an internal abcess.

He has been here for two weeks now. I put him on a very strict diet and have had him on a prescribed antibiotics and worming regime. Finally, he is starting to show some signs of improvement in aditude and weight.

This photo is of Mater the day he arrived. He just would NOT eat so he was in pretty rough shape.

Here he is after one week - last Thurday. He had escaped from his stall while it was being cleaned and was raiding the hay pile when I took this quick shot before putting him back so please escuse all of the hazards around him.

We are hoping that Mater will make a full recovery from his illness but this is not the first time this little guy has been so sick during his short life. :(

Udated photos of the Sheridan horses

I try to get updated photos once a week for the first couple of months and then once a month until the horses are completely rehabilitated. Last Thursday we spent all day brushing and loving on all of the horses and then took photos. They were all still pretty hairy and rough looking in spite of the hours of brushing but you can still see a big improvement.

This is Boss. We've come to the conclusion that she is pregnant for SURE. Her belly gets bigger every day and she has a full bag of milk. Since we have no clue when she's due I keep her in a extra large stall at night and out on the grass during the day and we are keeping a hawks eye on her. The longer she hangs on to that foal the better.

Both Madelin and Giggles have white spots on their sides and backs so I'm pretty sure that Big Ruth is their damm.

Here is little Giggles. She has a really nice family that wants to foster her.

Madelin seems to be a barn favorit, the family that wants to foster Giggles also wants to foster Madelin.

Big Ruth has really come a long way. I have her on two high quality joint supplements. That along with free turnout and good food have greatly helped her back legs. The photo of her hips show how she is really starting to fill out. Big Ruth has someone acive with Mustangs and MOHR that is considering fostering her.

Pokey is still pretty pathetic looking but he has made a lot of progress. We brushed and brushed on this little guy and he still looks pretty ragged. Hopefully he will start shedding out that rough, dry coat so he starts looking better.

Tease has made a lot of progress. She is Pokey's damm, they are very similar in structure and markings and both of their coats still look bad but I'm sure that very soon they'll shed out and be lovely.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Here is an updated photo of my dear Studly.

I haven't ridden him yet as I'm waiting for the case to be closed and castration but he is definately a very personable horse from the ground. It's easy to forget that he is a stallion because he is so gentle.

I just realized that I didn't make a page for Studly. He is also one of the Sheridan horses and of COURSE he's a stallion. In spite of being in tact he is a really nice horse. I'm looking forward to him becoming a gelding SOON.

Studly actually wasn't in too bad of shape at rescue. He was a bit thin and needed his feet done but that's about it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hanging Out with the New Rescues

Having a sudden influx of seven new rescues is a lot of work, it's exhausting, hard work but it is SO WORTH IT when I get to see the improvements in the horses' additudes, movements and appetites. Here are a couple of photos of them hanging out in the pasture for a couple of hours today with my Dad.

Dad and Giggles hanging out together.

Boss and Madelin enjoying a bit of grass.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Stallion (Studly) Has New Digs

Having a stallion on the place really puts a kink in things and is not safe when I've got so many people and kids here interacting with the horses. I wish I could just get him castrated right away but unfortunately that cannot be done until after the case is closed and who knows when that will happen; it could be 6-9 months unfortunately.

In order to have Studly in a safe environment there was already a large turnout area fenced in on the far side of my barn so pulled some of the tin off to make a large door, framed in a 12x24 walk-in sheltered area with 9 foot high walls, had several loads of slag from the steel mill hauled in so there will be no mud and built a cross fence so he cannot get anywhere near any of the other horses. Now he has a large, private turn out area with shelter to hang out.

The bummer thing about all this is of course the cost. I had all of the fencing and building materials but the slag cost was just over $500.00. That is a large chunk of money to come out of my meager checking account but having a nice, safe place for Studly to hang out was important to me and this area will of course be utilized for other rescue horses after Studly is done with it. I think it was a good move.

Here is Studly enjoying his new awsome turnout.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thank you again.

Thank you very much EICHLER HAY COMPANY - Leon and Terri Eichler for donating two tons of excellent quality hay DELIVERED for the Sheridan horses. Also, thank you PROJECT SPIRIT - Nadine Hoy for donating $200.00 towards the purchase of alfalfa hay.

We have also received many other donations for the Sheridan horses including Equine Senior, wormer, supplements, treats and time spent brushing and loving on them. I fully appreciate all of your generous donations, especially the help in taking care of these horses.

One thing that I want to make very clear to everyone who supports my rescue or is considering supporting it is that for every thing you do no matter how big or small, it not only helps the horses I currently have in my rescue but it also makes easier for us to help other horses in the future. The more we work with the Sheriff’s office to make these cases run smoothly the more they are able to step in future cases.

Please, continue to help, tell all of your friends and refer to my HOW YOU CAN HELP link for a list of items that we can use. Remember, all donations are TAX DEDUCTABLE and every little bit helps.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This mare is approximately 7 years old, she's a sweet girl but is kind of shy. She likes to push the other horses around a bit so we named her Boss.

As Boss continues to gain weight it has become quite clear that she is pregnant. Her stomach is getting bigger by the DAY I swear!! She has also has a big bag of milk rapidly forming. In spite of the surprise foal baking inside of Boss, she continues to gain weight all over her body and is rapidly looking very healthy. So, now we are on foal watch and the longer she lets that little foal bake the better.

ITS A BOY! 4-29-09

Last night Boss gave birth to a beautiful, healthy colt! Mom and baby are both doing great. The vet will be out this afternoon to draw blood and do a wellness check on them both just to make sure. Boss is a wonderful, attentive mother and is kind enough to allow me to mess around with her little newborn without worry.

I decided to name him PAL of my HART. PAL is for the PAL Ranch in Mcminnville, the owners of the ranch donated the use of the property and barns to my rescue and expressed a desire to adopt Boss and her unborn foal several weeks ago. PAL stands for People Animals Love. The HART part of his name of course is for HART Rescue.

I can't tell who the sire is because he's the spitting image of his dam!

Julie, I hope you like that name. I know I said you should name him but PAL of my HART just seemed so perfect! You and Hanna can give him a good barn name.


Pal is growning into that head and ears and is starting to show some resemblance of his sire

Here is a head shot of his sire

Boss is looking excellent and healthy with a nice shiney coat


This is a sweet little two year old bay filly, I think Big Ruth is her dam. The more I get to know this cute little filly the more I admire her.

Thank you Kelsey Cook for giving Giggles her name!

How can you resist this cute little face?


Madelin is a sweet little two or three year old filly, Big Ruth is her dam. She is a sweet, curious little filly who just weasles her way into everyone's pockets.

Big Ruth

Big Ruth is a mustang mare. She has a freeze brand from when she was captured that tells us that she was two years old at capture in 2001, was foaled in 1999 and is from the Warm Springs herd. Ruth is a sweet mare, she shows signs of having stringhalt or some other sort of issue with her back legs. She seems to be getting better as she recovers.

Here is Big Ruth's Brand, see how to read a BLM brand here

Big Ruth is moving and walking SO MUCH BETTER thank you to the generous donation of some excellent joint supplements.

Here are some updates and notes from Big Ruth's foster home

Sent to me on 4/27/09
Gerdi's a big girl, and she's moving like she never had a problem with her back legs. I think it was neurological from starvation instead of a joint problem. The weight tape says she's gained 200# since she's been here. Her total weight gain is way more than that.

She's looking just a little thin - no longer 'skinny'

Once she finishes her blotchy shedding job, she'll look pretty good.

She's getting a beefy butt, ... and she no longer has empty folds of skin hanging between her front legs.

Sent to me on 5/7/09
She still has some fluffy tufts to shed out.

Gerdi's look when I'm scratching the right spot on her neck.

Gerdi went to a gentling clinic sponsored by the Pacific Wild Horse Club today. She was the "evaluate what a rescue really knows" horse. She played dress-up. She didn't mind wearing the saddle much.

She was nervous about the pony-mule that was there. And Mocha the chubby mini had her intimidated.

There was a massage therapy clinic afterward - that was good, too.


Tease is a very sweet 7 year old mare whose Henneke body scale was a 2. She was so grateful to be rescued that she litterally lay down at my feet and looked up at me with such graditude that it broke my heart. She has some soundness issues but we are hoping that they well get better as she regains her strength.

Tease got bit on a lot because she was pretty low on the totem pole. She has a lot of dermatitis and rain rot that is healing nicely with the use of Tea Tree Products donated by Molly StHillaire and Eric Whitherspoon, there is already evidence of new hair comming in.

Here is a photo of Tease all fattened up and looking great 6-17-09


Pokey is a sweet little 2 year old stallion, he came in rated a Henneke body score 1 1/2, his sheath was very swollen and sore from being so filthy and had yeast infection. He had a heavy worm load and very poor protien levels

Little Pokey was at the bottom of the pecking order and has scars to show for it. The poor little guys eats so slowely that I have to keep him separate from the others so I can make sure he gets his share of food.

Here is Pokey enjoying some time in the pasture.

He's got the sweetest face and kindest eyes, he is very gentle and loves attention.

Here is a new photo of Pokey all recovered and filled out! He is a very playful and mischievious little stinker. He has a bit of a funny way of moving his front legs, I like to say he walks like a duck. I have seen this before in young horses that I have rescued they have grown out of it and turned out to be really nice horses. I'm sure Pokey will be the same way.

October 28.
Well it seems that my darling little Pokey is all grown up, his walk is good, he is all filled out and he is in with a dominant gelding learning some manners. He sure turned out to be a good looking horse!
I am not afraid of death and I am not selfish therefor no animal shall suffer at the hands of my weaknesses.