Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thank you again.

Thank you very much EICHLER HAY COMPANY - Leon and Terri Eichler for donating two tons of excellent quality hay DELIVERED for the Sheridan horses. Also, thank you PROJECT SPIRIT - Nadine Hoy for donating $200.00 towards the purchase of alfalfa hay.

We have also received many other donations for the Sheridan horses including Equine Senior, wormer, supplements, treats and time spent brushing and loving on them. I fully appreciate all of your generous donations, especially the help in taking care of these horses.

One thing that I want to make very clear to everyone who supports my rescue or is considering supporting it is that for every thing you do no matter how big or small, it not only helps the horses I currently have in my rescue but it also makes easier for us to help other horses in the future. The more we work with the Sheriff’s office to make these cases run smoothly the more they are able to step in future cases.

Please, continue to help, tell all of your friends and refer to my HOW YOU CAN HELP link for a list of items that we can use. Remember, all donations are TAX DEDUCTABLE and every little bit helps.


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