Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Stallion (Studly) Has New Digs

Having a stallion on the place really puts a kink in things and is not safe when I've got so many people and kids here interacting with the horses. I wish I could just get him castrated right away but unfortunately that cannot be done until after the case is closed and who knows when that will happen; it could be 6-9 months unfortunately.

In order to have Studly in a safe environment there was already a large turnout area fenced in on the far side of my barn so pulled some of the tin off to make a large door, framed in a 12x24 walk-in sheltered area with 9 foot high walls, had several loads of slag from the steel mill hauled in so there will be no mud and built a cross fence so he cannot get anywhere near any of the other horses. Now he has a large, private turn out area with shelter to hang out.

The bummer thing about all this is of course the cost. I had all of the fencing and building materials but the slag cost was just over $500.00. That is a large chunk of money to come out of my meager checking account but having a nice, safe place for Studly to hang out was important to me and this area will of course be utilized for other rescue horses after Studly is done with it. I think it was a good move.

Here is Studly enjoying his new awsome turnout.

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