Sunday, January 25, 2009

Buttermilk Buscuit - Adopted

Buttermilk Buscuit is the last of the Highway 47 minis to be rescued. She is a sweet, young little mare who is a little shy but is definately willing and wanting to be your freind. She gets along great with Frosty and the two of them share a large stall.

Buttermilk is a very correct little mini and would make a really nice cart pony or pet. Out of all of the little minis that have been rescued, this little mare is probably the one that I would choose to keep. I'm sure she will be adopted fast because she is so cute.

Howdy. I'll have to get some new pics of "Little Miss Summertime Sienna" (aka Buttermilk). She's made friends with all my big horses save one (that mare is pastued by herself so Sienna can enjoy company & stay safe). She's mostly shed out, but still has a very furry fat belly. She thought I could have come up with better things to do yesterday when I brushed it. She's quite good about her face & back, but still fussy about her underbelly/sides & rump. If I really get with it sometime I'll have to video her running with the herd....she seems to be in pure bliss when everyone takes off across the pasture & she actually keeps up with my big horses! sometimes she'll just rip around on her own ;-)


May 25, 2009
These are a few of her this weekend. Not sure if she's just got a little grass belly or pregnant...??? Time will tell, she's at pasture 24/7 for now. She's not "fat", just a little belly & she's super active so I'll leave her on pasture as long as she seems to keep conditioned w/o getting over weight. She has lots of Dun factor & now that she's shed out you can see zebra stripe on her legs...very fun.

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