Sunday, February 1, 2009

Today was FUN!

I got to spend all day out in my barn and had lots of visiters comming and going throughout the entire day and of course the phone rings nearly non stop. But that is all okay, it's nice when people come to help with the animals, donate much needed supplies and consider adopting one or two of the residents.

I've been gathering together a bunch of tack to take to the Canby Tack Sale to sell and raise money for the rescue. I'm hoping to sell enough to pay to get some dental work done on a couple of my older horses and possibly buy some panels for temporary stalls and a couple of water troughs. If you plan on going to the sale, make sure you stop by my booth and see what we've got to sell. If you have any extra tack you would like to donate to be sold to raise funds, let me know. I can either come pick it up or you could drop it off here and visit all of the horses.

Debbie - Thank you so much for your continued support, donations and help. You always seem to know exactly what I am about to run out of.

Tammy and kelsey - Thank you for all of your help out in the barn and for giving Snoot a good home. It is fun teaching Kelsey how to ride and train snoot.

Barbara - Thank you for doing all of me legal work and especially for getting my 501 c 3 done.

Kathleen - Thank you for cleaning my stalls all week and dragging me out for trail rides, it's nice to get out of the barn now and then.

John - Thank you for being the best, most understanding husband on the PLANET!

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