Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Lightening was rescued from a junk yard. He came to us with a bad injury on his rear pastern that had been left unattended so a large growth of proud flesh set in that was so bad, it deformed his hoof.

This injury would have been a minor inconvenience if his owner had only taking care of it. Becuase of the negligence of an ignorant owner, Lightening had to have surgery to remove the growth and has to have his bandages changed every 3 to 4 days.

This is what the injury looks like 1 week after surgery:

Lightening will not be up for adoption until after he has healed up more unless someone with a lot of bandaging experience asks for him.

I did another bandage change last night and it went really well with drugs on board of course. This is what the foot looks like now.

The vet had a look at the photos of Lightings foot after the last bandage change and order me to wash it with a very weak betadine solution with each bandage change otherwise continue as I'm doing. She said so far it looked really good. Not only is his injury looking good but his weight is up quite a bit too. He is almost to a good, healthy weight.

I have been able to do two bandage changes on Lighting without having to sedate him. The wound continues to look better with each change.

Lightening finaly enjoying a turnout with his new friend Kayla!

Lightening's foot has made a huge amount of progress! He has gained quite a bit of weight, is easy to handle and his foot is almost healed.

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