Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Finally, photos of all of the mini horses horses

It's been crazy busy around here with trying to get the horses comfortable and creating a pasture area for them. The news crews have been keeping us pretty busy for the past two days. It's hard to believe that a one or two minute story takes two hours of interviewing and shooting. We were on channels 2, 6 and 8 and two different newspapers have come out also. Click here to see one of the stories. I'm pretty sure we are done with the news part of things.

Anyway, here at long last are finally photos of all 15 horses.

Number 1 Shasta (daughter are Misti #4) foaled 7/10/91 38 inches registered as light chestnut but is actually a light red dun carries appaloosa gene

Number 2 Moonshadow aka Mooney(barn name) foaled 4/29/97 appx 32 inches solid black

Number 2's feet

Number 3, she has a potential homeMajorette foaled in April of 1999 appx between 36 and 37 inches silver dapple bay pinto

Number 4 Misti (Shasta's daughter, sire was Melodys Mystical Mountain Magic-grulla pintoloosa) foaled 5/15/98 appx between 36 and 38 inches silver dun w/ appy characteristics

Number 4's feet

Number 5 Mariah foaled 2/27/97 appx between 36 and 38 inches black and white pinto Her feet were so bad that she is going to need special care for a long time.

Number 5's feet

Number 6, Sparkle (leader of this herd but gives way to bully, Molly)(#7, #8, #9 are her daughters) foaled 4/25/95 appx 33 inches chocolate silver dapple roan (coloring is not correct on papers)she has a potential home

Number 6's feet

Number 7 Classy (Sparkle's daughter) foaled in 1998 appx 27 inches silver dappleis a TEENY little mare and so sweet! She has a potential home.

7's back feet

7's front feet

Number 8 Jem (Bandit is the sire, Sparkle is mother)--she is attached to Sparkle foaled in 2004 appx 32 inches silver dapple with grey gene She has a potential home.

Number 9 Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of number 9 other then her hip!Fancy (Sparkle is mother, sire is Charles Specktacular Emperor-black appy) foaled 4/3/2000 appx between 32 and 33 inches silver dapple

Number 9 had bad feet

Number 10 a sweet little mare. Molly (registered as Mom's Baby) (she is bully of the bunch) foaled 12/31/97 appx 38 inches chestnut She has a potential home.

Number 11 is a sweet tiny mare. Amber (registered as Misty Mountains Surprize Package)(#12 is her daughter) foaled 8/24/88 (yes, that is right! she has the paper. 21 years young) 31 inches light chestnut with flaxen mane and tail Her stomach was thick with huge poop and muds balls that were hard as rocks. She has a potential home.

Number 11's feet

Number 12 is a cute little mare. Karina (daughter of Amber-they are very attached) foaled 5/3/97 appx 38 black do not put her in hot wired area with it off! she is VERY smart She is pretty shy and hard to catch but once you have her she is really friendly. She has a potential home.

Number 13, Shadow (aka Shadow Dancer)(father is black and white pinto from toyland stud, mother was black appy with Orion Light Van't Huttenest lines) foaled Feb of 1997 (not very very old!!! just very bad teeth and feet. has lots of spirit and heart and one of the finest of the entire lot) appx between 32 and 33 inches black pintoloosa

13's feet

Number 14 Bandit (registered as Cry Wolf Slashen Bandit) foaled 4/12/97 appx 32 inches born sorrel medicine hat tovero with blue eyes but has greying gene and was white he was 2he has one undescended testicle (needs surgery , he has a potential home.

Number 15 a stallion, he is gentle and freindly.Gambler (registered AMHA and AMHR PMM Joys Little Gamblin Man) foaled 4/8/94 appx between 28 and 30 inches color is not correct on paperwork. he is silver dapple bay roan


Epona said...

Hello. Is there an email address I can contact you at (sorry, I must be a complete idiot today - couldn't find one!). Several friends asked me if I was involved in this rescue, yet I hadn't heard of it (I don't watch the news). I run a small permanent home rescue for old, abused and blind ponies and mini horses. I generally end up with the worst of the worst and I am happy to provide them with unconditional love, excellent care, gentle natural horsemanship (I follow Gawani Pony Boy's methods of Native American Horsemanship), and a forever home. I currently have space and would be happy to be considered for any of your recent rescues who will be the 'tough case' type. I am in Lyle, WA. Please let me know if I can help!

-karen erikson
(Epona Pony Rescues)

Jamie Cheslock said...

Thank you for your offer. I will let you know if I have any that don't get adopted out.

I am not afraid of death and I am not selfish therefor no animal shall suffer at the hands of my weaknesses.