Friday, June 5, 2009

Some of the horses have been updated and an announcment

I have posted new photos and bits of information on the following horses:

Buttermilk buiscuit

The defendants of the Sheridan Seven horses Studly, Boss, Madeline, Giggles, Tease, Pokey and Big Ruth were sentenced and very VERY soon all of these horses (except the ones already spoken for) will be up for adoption!!!!!

The ones I have left are: Tease, Pokeyand Studly. Boss and PAL may also be available, the person that originally spoke for them is thinking it over. She wants to be sure that they go to the very best home available where they will be treasured and loved as much as they deserve.

Pokey and Studly will need to be castrated before they leave HART and will have an adoption fee of $200.00 each. Tease will have an adoption fee of $100.00. Boss and PAL (if available) will have an adoption fee of $300.00.


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Beautiful horses! They are obviously doing so much better in your care.

Amy Judson said...


What is the condition of Tease? Is she rideable? Do you have any history on her regarding riding, training, injuries, etc.?


- Amy Judson

Jamie Cheslock said...

I haven't ridden any of the Sheridan horses yet so I don't know how well broke they are. Tease has an old injury on one of her back legs and seems it might cause a slight lamness but I won't really know until I start riding her.

Amy said...

I actually haven't seen an updated photo of Tease - just Boss. Maybe I missed it on your blog! What's her age again? I'm thinking "mom's loving companion and trail horse"! My daughter's horse is wonderful for her but not for me... the horse would rather I just pay the bills and leave her alone. :-)

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