Tuesday, July 20, 2010

HART Rescue Goes Through the Yamhill Parade

Every once in awhile we have some spare time to do something fun.  We decided to take a few miniature horses through our local small town parade.  We handed out candy and coloring books, everyone had a great time.

Here is Kelcey and Sadie carrying the banner.  Kelcey adopted Snoot two years ago, she still keeps her at HART.

Here is my grandson Riley and I handing out treats and coloring books.

And here is my step daughter Martine leading Gigi.  We took 3 gentle minis so the kids could pet them all throughout the parade.  They were a big hit.

This was so fun that we are thinking of doing it again next year with HART T-shirts and lots more minis for petting.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea--super way to let folks know you are there and have adoptable horses.

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