Tuesday, November 11, 2008

State of the Union

The onset of winter always brings forth an abundance of horses that need new homes or an outreach of help. This winter it is especially bad with the economy being poor, high feed costs and hundreds of people loosing their jobs. I and a few other local reputable rescues here in Oregon work together as much as we can to find homes and help for these poor horses that are suffering. I have added a few more horses to my “Outside Horses Needing Homes” section this rescue website. Please take a few moments to look over the horses that are listed there and forward this to everyone you know that might be willing to take another horse on. If you don’t see any horses that work for you, make sure you take a look at Whispering Winds and Mustangs and Mohr

The State of the Rescue
My personal rescue, “Jamie Cheslock Horse Rescue” has been kind of quiet here lately. All of the minis have been placed in permanent and foster homes and are really doing well. I enjoy getting frequent updates from everyone especially if it has PICTURES! My husband has recently been laid off so we have to be really careful with our money. If we do get more rescues in I will be forced to ask for donations and help. I hate asking for donations, I’ve run my rescue for YEARS having never asked or accepted donations of any kind but this year has forced me to be humble and not only accept but also ask for donations. Good news is my good friend has been gracious enough to complete all of the paperwork for my nonprofit status 501 © 3 and once that is all approved by the State all donations of supplies, money and time will be tax deductible. Along with that, I will be able to apply for grant and trust money to fund the rescue.

Current Cases

We are still working towards getting more of the Minis out of there but of course this is a very delicate situation. There are rumors that pigeon fever has hit the minis, this had not been verified yet. If you are on the waiting list for a mini, please be patient I’m going everything I can to get as many out of there as soon as possible but I just cannot jeopardize the health and safety of the current residences of my rescue. Once I am able to make SURE that they don’t have pigeon fever or it has cleared up I will get right in there.

Lightning’s foot is almost completely healed, take a look at Lightning to see the progress he has made. This little horse is really a fun guy to work with as he is extremely intelligent and enjoys all of the attention you are willing to give him. He is looking for a permanent home.

Carlton Horses
These girls are both doing great and should be ready to be adopted out by the end of the month if all goes as planned.

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