Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A new update on Shadow and Maryia!

Shadow just continues to amaze me. She is doing well on her recovery. We are trimming her once a week. Tweaking her feet little at a time to encourage the rolled under side to grow more normally.

She is now able to go into the "Sand Paddock" area. It is firmer foot that the rubber. She was a little tender footed the first few days but got over that quickly. She does not trot yet but can boogie at the walk with no lameness.

She is very sweet with all people. But she and Mariah have a new roommate and little Shadow will pin her ears and make ugly faces at her. Very funny to see her be such a little toughie.

Shadow had her teeth floated on June 7th. Jerry Schmidt, Balanced Equine Dentistry volunteered his time and did her teeth. She had a retained cap (at 13 years old!) he pulled. She does have one funny upper incisor that is shorter than the rest and seems to be twisted sideways. Her molars were not too bad. Jerry balanced her out and she is good to go.

Shadow has shed out and is so cute. She has little white freckles sprinkled over her hinny. A funny thing she does is in the morning after I feed her hay she will almost always take a "nap" in the hay. She plops down in the hay and eats the hay all around her. I have seen her lay flat, reach her head back and pull more hay to her. Then rolls up and munch away. She is so sweet, funny, and demanding! You should hear her neigh (squeak) in the morning. I am never fast enough to bring her breakfast, according to her. :-) She is a doll and doing well.

Mariah is doing well. Mariah and I had a big break thru last Friday. She allowed me to trim her front feet with no one holding her halter. This is huge trust issue for her. Back feet we are still working on but it is coming. On Monday she came right up to me and asked to be petted and stayed with me for awhile!

She is still very sassy but I see her coming around and understanding not all people are bad. Every time I am with her I try to do something nice for her. Mostly scratching ... her favorite spots are her shoulders and under her neck. Carrots are a good thing also. She is just so smart and cute.

She continues to do well on her feet. Walks, trots, and canters well. She has shed out beautifully. I love her little black spots in her white splashes.

Thank you Jamie for letting me work with these two cuties. They put a smile on my face.


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