Thursday, January 14, 2010

This one ended up with a very happy ending!

The owner of this sweet young gelding had fallen into hard times and us no longer able to take proper care of him.  He was doing everything he was financially able to keep the poor horse but it just wasn't enough.  A concerned citizen called the Sheriff's Office about the horse's circumstances, we followed through with a site investigation and interview with the owner of the horse.  The poor owner admitted that what he was feeding the horse wasn't enough but it was all he was able to do.  He had tried to sell him with no luck.  We could tell that he felt terrible about the situation and wanted to do what was right for the horse so we simply asked him to forfeit ownership and allow the horse to be placed in a better home.

Fortunately for this horse, we were brought in BEFORE things got terrible.  Yes, he is malnurished but he is far from DEAD and will have a complete recovery.  He has already been placed in a WONDERFUL home in fact the person that called the Sheriff's Office offered to take care of the horse and that is who ended up with him.  They have named him Chance because now he has a second chance at life.

This is an excellent example of a BAD situation turned GOOD, this is the way I like them to turn out.

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