Thursday, February 18, 2010

Studly is ready to move in with his new adoptive family

This is one of those 'warm and fuzzy' happy endings for a horse that we rescued. Studly had been a herd sire and was your typical stallion with their lovely stallion intentions. After a full year of rehabilitation, court dates and waiting we finally got the forfeiture hearing and legal ownership of him and his pasture mates. Immediately, his castration was scheduled and went very well. After he was giving a chance to heal up and get some of the testosterone out of his system, we started introducing him to other horses in an effort to socialize him, that went very well and he now has a pasture mate that he gets along with great. Then, we started riding him and that is also going very very well. Today, he gets some dental work done and soon his new owner will pick him up and take him home. I like to call this the 'full meal deal', rescue, rehab, castrate, socialize, ride, health and dental check ADOPTION.

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Genny said...

I found your blog through Critter Farm. You are amazing. The wonderful work you do for these poor horses must be very hard. I worked in dog rescue for years and saw some of these same things on a smaller scale. It's heartbreaking. If not for people like you, these poor horses would not stand a chance. Thank you for all you do. I've never owned a horse but I LOVE horses.

I am not afraid of death and I am not selfish therefor no animal shall suffer at the hands of my weaknesses.