Sunday, October 12, 2008

More Much Appreciated Help From Volunteers

We had more visitors here from some local mini fans. They brought their equine vaccuume and spent a great deal of time trying to vaccuume the lice eggs and dermatitis off of Mocha and Tornado. The eggs proved to be tougher than any vaccuume or comb so they ended up having to roach off both horse's manes. Even though neither of those horses had been handled much they both were really good about standing there and allowing everyone to vaccuume, clip, bathe and brush them. After all that hard work they bothed looked like champions.

Later in the day, I got a call from a great family that wanted to adopted a couple of my minis. They came and looked at Mocha and Tornado and decided to take them both. They showed me pictures of their pasture and housing facilities they have set up and it all looked great. These people came recommended by one of my volunteers who knows them personally so I am confident that they will provide an excellent home. I made sure they had plenty of feed supplies to get them started and sent them on their way. They don't have a lot of experience with horses but their grand daughter does so I'll keep in contact with them to make sure it's all working out.

One thing that I like to make sure of is that all of my rescued horses have good homes. All I really ask of my adoptive families is that they provide adequate shelter, safe pasure, good food and lots of love. I follow up with all of the horses that I adopt out to make sure that eveyone is happy and I make sure that everyone knows that I have a revolving door here. If for ANY REASON you can't keep the horse or it doesn't work out just bring it back NO QUESTIONS ASKED and I will take it back. I'd rather take any horse back then have the horse or the people unhappy.

I am a firm believer that my prescreening process, no questions asked return policy and the fact that all of my rescues are FREE are what makes my rescue so sucessful for me, the horses and my adoptive homes.

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