Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Here are some photos of Misti

These were sent by Misti's new owner. Notice how crowded her teeth are in her mouth. EEKS!


Izzi said...

Glad Misti's teeth are getting work. Many people may not even be aware that their miniatures have dental problems, but it seems that it is so prevalent in the breed that breeders really need to work on correcting it genetically. Dental abnormalities are something that largely goes by the wayside I think as, other than extreme parrot mouth or undershot mouth, they are not as readily noticeable as other external conformational traits.

Just wondered if there were any more updates on the rest of the minis... such as Bandit's sight? Noticed too that Moonshadow wasn't on the adopted out list, has she got a home?

Jamie Cheslock said...

I agree that a lot of people do tend to forget about keeping their horse's teeth maintained.

It's a shame that minis have a tendacy to have more dental problems.

Bandit is blind, the vet thinks it's caused by some trauma to the head but of course that is hard to say.

Moonshadow is adopted out and lives Fancy.

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