Friday, May 8, 2009

Two Pigs and A Duck

These adorable creatures came to live at HART a few months ago. I haven't been able to add them to my blog because they were being held as evidence for the Humane Society and they asked their case to remain private. Well, fortunately for the pigs and the duck, their case is finally done and they are now up for adoption! Anyone interested an adopting this interesting trio will need to go through the Humane Society and their adoption proceedures. We would like them to stay together.

Here is the female piggy, she is very friendly, will take food out of your hand and stand to be pet. If you scratch her tummy, she'll roll over to give you better access.

And here she is with her friend the duck.

When these guys first arrived, the duck was bonded with the male pig but he seems that with the onset of spring, love is in the air and he has turned his eye to the sweet little female.

Here is the male, he is not fond of being touched or even looked at but he does come running and dinner time when you call pig, pig, pig.

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