Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thank you Vetericyn for your Support

The folks at Vetericyn, Inc. were generous enough to donate a case of their wound and infection treatment to my rescue. In reading the brochure they provided I see that this project has many wonderful uses for all kinds of animals. I will definately be putting this stuff to good use on the rescue horses. If you would like more information on Vetericyn, please visit their website at www.vetericyn.com

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Jim said...

I would be interested to hear of your results w/ the vetericyn product. I purchased some of their product (Vetericyn Wound & Infection 16 oz.) to attempt to treat a yeast and bacterial issue which reoccurs annually with my dog's ears. So far...no real results...though this is inner ear issues....not topical. Anyway, just interested to know if you see any significant results.

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